Our mission is to provide diapers and related products to partnering social services agencies that serve low income families, seniors and/or disabled individuals in Douglas County and surrounding areas.

Who are we?

Basic Needs is a diaper bank serving Douglas County, Kansas and surrounding areas. The agency’s goal is to provide a monthly, supplemental diaper supply to low income families, seniors, and/or people with disabilities. We currently serve over 100 babies in the Douglas County area, with agencies like Healthy Families of Douglas County, Lawrence-Douglas County Housing Authority, and Lawrence Community Shelter.

Basic Needs does not directly distribute to consumers.

How does a Partnering Agency distribute diapers?

There are two effective methods of diaper distribution. A combination of both methods can be an additional option, depending on the need and storage capability of the partner.

Direct Distribution: a Partner can choose to complete orders and distribute on a monthly basis. This method is ideal for agencies that are in frequent contact with their clientele. An enrollment form is completed by the client and the Partner. That information along is then communicated to Basic Needs staff on a monthly basis. 

Diaper Pantry: a Partnering Agency can choose to house a diaper pantry within their agency. Partners agree to be responsible for the storage, and distribution of diapers provided by Basic Needs. This method is ideal for agencies that see a more emergency type of clientele. Basic Needs staff then agrees to keep the pantry stocked in sizes requested by the partner. 

Want to become a partnering agency? Contact us at basicneedshdb@gmail.com or (785)979-0952.

Where do the diapers come from?

Basic Needs staff works volunteers, groups and businesses to host diaper drives throughout the community, to attain our needed supply.

The National Diaper Bank Network is an organization that works with large corporate sponsors that donate their products. The NDBN then sells the donated diapers at a deeply discounted price to diaper banks across the country. Basic Needs uses this resource to obtain diapers as needed.